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Traditional Tantra Yoga 

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Traditional Tantra Yoga is a practice of undoing patterns around the energy of striving, doing, pushing. 


It is a deeply restorative & potent series of Asanas (postures) that physically & energetically balance the

whole body (Tridosha).

The Asana series is always the same, allowing you to drop into a deep trance state, resting in the waters of the


I personally find this practice essential for my nervous system, to relax into the moment and allow action to stem from this deep place of stillness & peace. ​




Energy Exchange:

€10 / R100 per class. 


6 class packages (Get one free) 

€50 / R500


FNB - For South Africans

Account Number: 62032234536

Branch code: 250655

For Euros


Please ensure that proof of payment is shared via email. 


Email for any questions:

Zoom link will be shared upon registration. 

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