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Hi Beloved,

I am Alexandra Diepering. 

Tantric Shamanic Practitioner
& Lover of Life. 

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I support others to come home to their bodies.

Empowering you feel fully alive.

To awaken to your Wholeness.

To remember your Bliss. 

Lessons learn't from healing from an 8yr journey with chronic illness. 

I am not into taking the long road to living life to its fullest and

invite others to create meaning & pleasure everyday. 

I offer Full Permission spaces

where ALL of you is welcome.

Working together with you

to feel & trust freedom

& feeling good.

I am real. I am open.

I hold really safe spaces for True freedom. 

I am grounded & practical as f*ck.

I like to dance in the Void.

Roar like a lion & speak as Cosmic Dragons.

My medicine is about Truth, Power & Pleasure. 

I weave together tools from Tantric & Shamanic traditions. 

Practices that have literally saved my Life.

Technologies that are deeply transformational & awakening.


To activate the embodiment of Your True Divine nature

& find inner Sanctuary in every moment. 


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About ME
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Embody your TRUTH

Step into your POWER

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Live a life of  PLEASURE

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I started my path, at least the adult version of it, 20 years ago. 

I moved to India for a year to learn the Eastern traditions of meditation and yoga. I qualified in yoga teacher training & yoga therapy. This gave me wisdom for the practices, and grounded the experiences of my youth. I then returned, feeling that my purpose was not in the mountain tops but in the "real" world. My old world. So, I moved to Germany to become a Strategic Consultant working in innovation & transformation. I loved my work immensely. I had big clients, a big team and no boundaries. 

Then I got sick. Really sick. 

In bed, in pain.

I was sick for three years, fighting for my life.

Then - eight years of healing.  

I spent many years of trying and testing. SEEKING ANSWERS. Searching for relief. Searching for Truth. 

I had some tools and knowledge from my time in India, and my intuition told me that this was a spiritual emergency. 


The Dark Night of the Soul.

(Not that this term really helps at the time!)

Also a night - really? More like an endless chasm.


​This was my test of fire. I explored and studied every tradition, practice and medicine I could get my hands on.

Medicines and wisdom from East and West, and everything in between. From a daily dose of four types of antibiotics and multiple rehabilitation clinic stays, to frog poisons, psychedelic plant medicines, silent retreats and Tantric temples.

I worked with my sexuality, my inner child, and my Ancestors.

My  rage, my grief, my sadness.

I made friends with my crippling pain.

Taught myself to play & create pleasure.

And I healed myself.


I healed from the chronic illness and suffering; from complete burnout - chronic bacteria Infections,

nervous system overload, chronic fatigue syndrome, and chronic pain. 

It started as a very physical journey - doctors, treatments, and pills. 

But the ultimate turning point came through working with my inner landscape; healing the emotional pieces and reclaiming my spirituality as the core of who I am. I worked with my Shadows, understanding my trauma, my patterns and my conditioning.

This was the first step. 

Then, through working with my sexuality, and connecting to this Life Force energy, I experienced really big breakthroughs. 

I felt my grief, my anger, and my shame. I really allowed my whole self to be there, and this was exponential in my path. 

This is why I offer Full Permission spaces.


My healing marathon showed me my True colours. It revealed to me my everything. 


My vulnerability and my immense strength. 

My pain, and also the pleasure.

Awakening me to my Bliss nature.  

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I am now completely devoted to my body.  

I listen to the whispers, sensing, feeling. 

I connect daily to my Inner Being. My Intuition. 

I live from my Soul more and more.  

It is these life experiences, and my continuing studies with various traditions, that have given me deep insight into the human condition.

I am passionate about working with you to facilitate your connection to yourself, and ignite your intuitive knowing.

I am here to assist you in remembering your wholeness & living fully alive. 

So let me know how I can assist you to 





I am an Alchemist.

A Sacred Embodiment Coach.

A Medicine Woman. 


A Priestess. 



"I have done several online alchemy sessions with Alex and every time it was like WOW and really mind blowing. She really knows how to let people drop into their bodies and to lead them into a trance state where the magic is happening, Highly, highly recommended and I'm super grateful for her work!"

- Teresa 

"It was such real and deep medicine for me  ~ thank you so much, Alex!" 

- Bianca

"You are such a powerful channel. Amazing what comes through, my body was giggling and excited and aroused and and… Love you! "  

- LahtiLiisa 

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