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19 - 21 July 2024
Bodhi Khaya, Cape Town

Unlock your Holy Heart.

Open to the reverance in your blood.

Relax into the Bliss of your Awakening.

Touch the purity of your innocent eros.

Awaken to your Universal Cosmic Self.

Remember you are a Divine Human.

In this Tantric Retreat, we explore Ancient practices from Kashmir that unlock

our True Cosmic Nature and awaken us to the sacredness of our humanity.  


These rich teachings give rise to deep peace,

a sense of belonging,

an opening to wonder,

luscious juiciness in our bodies

& freedom to trust in the current of Life. 

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This is for you if...
  • You desire to open up to more connection, have more capacity to love & powerful intuition 

  • You are curious about Tantra and seeking a safe and held container to explore the teachings.

  • You have done personal growth work and feel ready for something more, something a little deeper and more substantial.

  • You desire to heal your relationship with your sexuality - clearing conditioning, patterns, shame.

  • You crave to know how to truly receive.

  • You are curious to explore the medicine of Desire & trusting the inner whispers of your heart & body.

  • You believe you still need to heal before manifesting your dream life.

  • You struggle with body shame stuff that is holds you back from feeling free.

  • You are hungry to be more Authentic, true to yourself and true to your hearts.

  • You desire more connection & intimacy and want to learn practices and tools you can use in your relationship and life going forward.

  • You desire more soul led interactions with others.

  • You are inviting more sensitivity into your life & if you are sensitive and feel the world strongly.


Come as you are, for the teachings know no judgment between beginner & advanced.

The practices meet you where you are and ALL of you is welcome

Nourish your soul,

open your heart,

& learn to trust the wisdom of your body.

Come alive with the innocence & purity of your Sacred Eros. 

The Finer Details



We will be at Wild pod Bodhi Khaya, a secluded and beautiful space immersed in nature.  It has a communal lounge & kitchen area. The Temple space/hall for the sessions has wooden floors & of course a delicious fireplace for a cozy winnter retreat. 

There are multiple accommodation options available, from glamping to cottages - book directly with Olivia from Bodhi Khaya. Click here to visit their website or email her:



Arrival Friday 19 July for 5pm start. End Sunday 21 July at 2pm.




From 7.100 per person. Including all facilitation, meals & accommodation.  Multiple accommodation options available.

Contact Bodhi Khaya directly to book. 

This retreat is exclusive to 12 participants. 

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What to Expect


Core practice of Kashmiri Shaivism. Slow movements & deep breaths, infused with Tantric wisdom teachings to remind the body of its agility, ability to receive & to invoke deep presence.


Tantric yoga

Yoga asana practice that stills the mind & invites deep relaxation. It is tri-doschic balancing and provides restorative nectar for the nervous system.


Presence through sensual explorations

Exploring the senses of the body, smell, touch, taste, sight, sound. Learning to journey with our sensuality as a portal to our oneness/Divinity/deep presence & intimacy with reality. 


Connection practices & Conscious touch

The core teachings offer us deep presence, we bring this into our connection with others. To come open hearted, to meet soul to soul. Bringing awareness & devotion to the sacred temple of the body and translating it into touch. We focus here on the subtle currents at first, moving into bigger energies only when we feel true depth & ease within.


Healing Sexuality

Reshaping the relationship with our sexuality. Shedding shame & practicing expressing needs & desires. Space to heal our relationship with intimacy, our broken hearts, our narratives around sexuality, our upbringing, society's stories & allow space for vulnerable & authentic expression. 


True Eros

Giving freedom to the erotic currents of the body beyond its known cage of sex, shame & attachment to other. Getting to know your vital current, your creativity, the core of your pleasure to live life. 

Watch our FAQ video here 

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What People Say about Retreats with Alexandra  

Alex created a nest of pure acceptance and love. From the moment I arrived it was like being enveloped in the purest, most comforting white light. She gave us a safe space to be our true, authentic selves. A place where all of us was welcomed, “the good, the bad and the ugly”. Spending the weekend with Alex and all the other remarkably wonderful women was the best gift I ever gave myself. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. - Bronwyn


If you are looking for reconnection with your deep self and the universe, this is the work to do! Alex’s teachings are profound and will leave you wanting more and feeling fulfilled. Deep gratitude xxx - Lane

I walked away from the weekend with my heart bursting with self-love, love for others, love for the universe and I am truly grateful to Alex and her incredible team for holding a safe and loving space for us all and for making this weekend such a memorable, deeply rooted experience that will forever be imprinted in my heart and soul.” - Carla


What I appreciated so greatly is the way Alex turns up in her full incarnation to weave with us. This was not a top-down approach of patriarchal guru culture, or an attempt at transcendence, but a weaving of our full selves.

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