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Dark Ocean

Online Immersion 

From Freeze, Flight, Fight 



Welcome Beloveds,

So honoured and humbled to be bringing this work to you. 


Fear is such a big dense frequency that we are afraid of in itself. My work with it has revealed to me that that befriending our Fears, learning to find ease & flow with them makes life way more pleasurable & fulfilling. 

In this month long immersion that is what we will learn and most imporatntly practice toegther. Come with your fears, big & small and let's gather together to support each other as we explore the scary stuff and come back to ease.

I promise that when we go to meet these supposed Monsters of fear together, they turn into allies and buddies quickly.And the Freedom feels so goooood! 

Image by Susanne Schwarz

In this month long online Immersion
we will learn how to flow with our fears. 

Re-programming the mind-body connection with powerful embodiment practices.

Black Fabric



Sounds ridiculous, but this is so real. 

Learning about fear frequency, how to sit with the density & transmute. 

Understanding its power & teachings.



Learning how to recognise types of fear.

How to regulate nervous system.

Knowing your fear.

Your body as your Ally.


Your Relationship with fear & desire.

What our fears & dreams have in common.



How to flow.

What flow feels like - Activating a remembrance in your body. 

Water transmissions.

Embodiment practices.

Are you ready to learn
to flow with ease 
through the obstacles, challenges, tensions 
of Life? 


Image by engin akyurt


Our Fears have Power.

We often allow our fears to hold us back.

Consciously or un-consciously

Maybe for you it is about being scared of what people may say or think, 

disappointing others,

being rejected,

making mistakes or fucking up,

being overwhelmed.

Most of us are scared of our Power,

of expressing fully who we are,


of being in a body

of the perceived finality, of death itself. 

We all have Fears. 

Literally everyone.

It is a core emotion & 100% natural.


Fear is primal. It is about survival.

As Humans, being in a body, feeling largely finite most of the time (we often forget that we are infinite Divine beings). Our fears are here to protect us, or at least that is where it all started. Then we learn patterns, behaviours & survival mechanisms, based on fear, inherited through nature or nurture, and they start to to govern our choices, and how we express ourselves. Often we forget that some of them aren't relevant any longer. That it is time to shed old belief patterns and start creating more of the life we Desire. 

FEAR is often the driver underneath

whatever it is that is going on

when we feel stuck or blocked, 

anxious or tense, 

angry or frustrated, 

guilty or sad, 



Underneath often lies a current, a belief, a fear. 

Beliefs deep within you, that can disable your vitality, prevent you from following your Desires & your deeper purpose. 

They say there are two vibrations Fear or Love. 

From a Tantric perspective,

a world of non-dual.

It is not fear vs. Love, 

but Fear & Love.


It is not inner war, but resting in wholeness that brings ease & peace. 

They cannot exist without each other.

But we can choose how to move with them.

We can choose to dance, to flow, to be in ease.

We choose where to spend our time & energy. 



Our fears have more power than we realise.

If we leave them undiscovered, running amok, they can rule the show, like weeds in a garden.

Leaving no space for other feelings of bliss, joy, freedom, pleasure. 

For me the trick is how to move with the fear. Not against it, but together, as a team.

My fears have taught me so much. Not only about courage & strength - my inner power. But also about possibility & potential.  


8yrs ago I would never have guessed where I would be, I was sick, really sick - check out the story here. But I made a different choice, I chose ease, Pleasure, Love. 


It was my choice to stop the suffering story, the drama victim narrative.

To shift gears and step into my infinite potential. To choose to BE Love.


So yes Beloveds, it is your choice. And I am so excited to show your techniques and practices to support you to shift and embody your full potential, to achieve your ultimate desires & dreams. 

Working with fears has expanded me, beyond my wildest dreams. I see it opening my clients up to their potential, allowing them to create a life that they want, relationships that fill their heart & turn them on, careers & purpose projects that they yearn for, money they crave. 

You can too! 

Image by Katie Harp

Learn how to feel ease 
Find flow

Image by Susanne Schwarz

I tell my clients often...
Fear will always be at the dinner party,
but it doesn't need to be at the head of the table.
It is a choice.
Your choice.

Are you ready to stop letting FEAR
n the show?


Dark Ocean

What to Expect


4 x 2hr Live calls (recorded).

Recorded practices for daily life.

Daily practice recommendations.

Reflection homework in between.

Opportunities for direct coaching & support.

Community connection and sharing.

This immersion is a journey of both body & mind, and of course Spirit. As a Sacred Embodiment coach we will be working not just on a mental level with thought patterns, but through Tantric practices integrating into the physical. To really manifest the shift with & within the body. Landing the transformation into your cells & allowing it to ripple into your daily life.  


I will be teaching traditional Tantric practices & guiding a Shamanic Alchemy Journey. 

Working with the principles and transmission of water, the fluidity, the Grace, the Power & the agility. We are made of water & using breath & movement practices, as well as Alchemical transmissions to remember our flow.

Image by Arūnas Naujokas



R 5500 / €300 / $300. 


You can include an additional private Shamanic energy clearing & activation with me. This is a live call with sound channeling & 1:1 coaching during the immersion. I do not offer Sound code / Language of Light sessions once off, only as part of my mentorship or other programmes. This coding will work on reprogramming your cells & DNA, creating radical upgrades and life changing impact. 

Flowing with Fear & 1:1 Channeling session: R7200 / € 280 / $ 280



Live calls (Everything recorded)

8pm - South Africa

7pm - CET

2pm - EDT

11am - PDT


16 May

23 May

30 May

Final call & Q+A 6 June

All session are recorded and will uploaded onto a platform. 

You can go as slow or as fast as you want with the material. 

We will also have a Community platform for sharing and support. 

  • US dollars
    US dollars
    16 May 2023, 19:00 – 30 May 2023, 19:00
    Zoom link will be sent out
    16 May 2023, 19:00 – 30 May 2023, 19:00
    Zoom link will be sent out
    From Freeze, Flight, Fight to Freedom & FLOW
  • South African RANDS
    South African RANDS
    16 May 2023, 19:00 – 30 May 2023, 19:00
    Zoom link will be sent out
    16 May 2023, 19:00 – 30 May 2023, 19:00
    Zoom link will be sent out
    From Freeze, Flight, Fight to FLOW
  • Euros
    16 May 2023, 19:00 – 30 May 2023, 19:00
    Zoom link will be sent out
    16 May 2023, 19:00 – 30 May 2023, 19:00
    Zoom link will be sent out
    From Freeze, Flight, Fight to Freedom & FLOW
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"I am so grateful I got to do this work with you, I am feeling so much lighter! "


"Thank you for always being such a voice of reason in my process and for making me feel like I’m not actually loosing my mind !You are a very powerful and I’m certainly grateful to you for always showing up so fully for me ! You are loved !"


Image by Quino Al

Still have questions?
Want to know know if this is for you.

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