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Power Pleasure Play Summit invite (Facebook Cover).png
Image by Galina N

On this auspicious day - Let's gather to rewrite the future. 

Join us for a day of talks, interviews, workshops & ceremonies

from teachers around the world. 

As we radiate the vibrations of

Power. Pleasure & Play

into our bodies, minds, hearts

& the collective field.


Lion's Gate is a potent time

for choosing Soul, for shifting timelines

and dreaming into manifest the life on Earth we so deeply desire.

Desert Dunes





Power rooted in integrity, compassion & Grace.

A soft yet strong power, that understands sharing & equality.

A power that is not afraid to stand for Soul, for Love.

A power that is relentlessly committed to Spirit.

Heart Power. True Power.



Welcoming ease, flow, relaxation & trust.

Consciously curating & creating opportunities to experience how good it can be.

Choosing to walk in Beauty & acknowledging & embracing abundance & the luxury of Life.





Awakening curiosity, innocence, openness & spontaneity.

Surrendering into the mystery with an open joyful heart, moving with the creative force of the universe with no end goal.

Remembering not to take ourselves or our spiritual path too seriously but remember Divine Play.

The notion that this experience is created out of Bliss, by Bliss and for Bliss.

Power Pleasure Play Summit invite (Facebook Cover)-2.png

  • 8th August is when is it at its peak.


  • It is when Fixed Star Sirius, Orion & Earth are aligned in the sky.


  • Sirius is our Spritiual sun and in alignment with the pyramids of Giza.


  • Energy is received and amplified by the pyramids in Giza, then echoes through the Temples along the Nile, rippling across the world along ancient song lines.


  • Lion's Gate considered by Ancient Egyptians as New Year. Ties to when the Nile used to flood to nourish the land and sustain life.


  • This is a potent time for Soul Embodiment.


  • DNA Light activation & restoring Divine templates within.

Image by Glen Carrie

I am honoured to be joined by artists, teachers, coaches, medicine men & woman and thought leaders.  

The exact schedule and speakers will be released closer to the time.

If you want to speak DM me. 

My vision is that we will have one talk every hour on the hour for a full 24hrs, a flame across the world.  

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded onto a platform.

Image by Galina N


IMG_3502 - Kaia J.jpeg


Reiki & Tantric Teacher

Self Love Ceremony

Kaia Neve is a Reiki Master, a Tantrika, a scientist, a yogi and a psychonaut hailing from Calgary.


In her Reiki and Tantra practice, she has seen clients for hundreds of one-on-one sessions and taught dozens of courses over the years.


She is passionate about the work because of the profound effect it has on clients, students and herself. For Kaia, the marriage of sexuality and spirituality has resulted in deep emotional healing, mind-blowing physical pleasure and transcendental spiritual experiences. She is delighted to share the gift of the practices with you., it's easy.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 13.04.52.png


Blue Lotus Medicine Woman

The Road of Sekhmet

Jasmeen Hana is a modern day holistic medicine woman working with Life Force Energy and Personal Empowerment. 

She supports holistic seekers to transform life force “creative/sexual energy” and inner/outer relationship related issues, to return to a place of empowered authenticity, innocence, self-worth, embodiment to speaking one’s truth.


 Jasmeen teaches at the Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Retreat with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and also offers her unique African Yoga & Ancient Egyptian Shamanic Journeys in Egypt, she also offers Blue Lotus Ceremony Retreats + Women’s Empowerment & Wellbeing Retreats. 


Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 7.22.02 AM - Lisa Davis.png


Medicine Woman

Dance Meditation & Shamanic Journey


Lisa Lifetrain is a modern day mystic and medicine women. She creates safe and deeply transformational spaces for humans to remember their magic and magnificence.


IMG-20220425-WA0042 - Pritam Khalsa.jpg


Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Legacy Trainer

Ready for the portal energy





worked grew up in the Far East, studied in Malta, lived in an ashram in Germany for ten years and then came to RSA to initiate Kundalini Yoga, together with my husband. We worked our Fruits & Roots and Earth Products brands for some decades and now live on an intentional farm in the Cape from where I teach and travel.

DSC_0061 - Jon Darrall-Rew.JPG
Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 13.04.52.png


Transformational Leader & Medicine Woman

True Power

Jon Eden Khan is a transformational leader, mentor, and facilitator, living in his beloved home city of Berlin. He is the initiator of Singularity, a trans-national political party dedicated to global governance sourced in the One Life of the Earth by 2050.


He is founder of AVATARA, which is dedicated to innovating new forms of leadership, relating and economics sourced in the One Life at the heart of all creation. He mentors soul-driven leaders, from top corporate business leaders and FinTech trailblazers, to LGBT rights activists in the Middle East, to some of the most respected facilitators of transformational self-development work in the world.


sam - Samantha Claire.jpg


Medicine Woman

Dance Meditation & Shamanic Journey


Lisa Lifetrain is a modern day mystic and medicine women. She creates safe and deeply transformational spaces for humans to remember their magic and magnificence.


Meet The Team

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