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Your body as the temple.png
Image by Annie Spratt

A mini ceremony
to connect to
the inner wisdom
& Sacredness
of your body.  

Image by Evie S.



6 - 8pm - South African Time 

90 mins

Recording provided

This is a guided journey of Self discovery & Self Love. 

A ritual of prayer and gratitude for your

BODY TEMPLE that offers you so much

and perhaps sometimes you take for granted. 

Creating a safe space at home where you can journey

into the realms of your Heart, Body & Soul. 


Uncovering answers.

There are often times when we seek answers, to questions great & small, 

to Life's great mysteries or just to the simple 'Why is my back sore?'

For years we have sought council from Doctors, Priests & Oracles for this wisdom. 

In the Ancient Wisdom texts of Tantra it teaches that all you seek lies within you,. 

You are the embodiment of Spirit, God, The Goddess, The One Life as Matter. 

Therefore, holding all that you deeply yearn for in the realms of your own BODY.

Such power in these Teachings. 

Such uncertainty they often stimulate. 

We have been taught a whole other story. 

In this Online Ritual we will go on a journey to activate and remember your own Body as a wise, Living, Loving being.


Bring with you a question, a prayer. 

An offering - something your body loves

(chocolate, tea, massage oil, delicious face cream, scented candle... anything you enjoy) 


Let's activate your inner wisdom.

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