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Desire is a fuel, a FIRE that creates 





Do you know the DESIRES of your HEART?


The Longings of your deepest you? 


Are you willing to BREATHE them into LIFE?

In this Tantric Shamanic Ceremony of DESIRE we will journey into our hearts and activate our deepest DESIRES.

Offering our life energy, our breath into calling in more of that which we deeply long for.

This is a potent and transformational offering. A session that has potential to change your life into what you most deeply yearn for. That potential is you. You are Alchemist of your existence. The Definer of your Bliss. 

Those that work with me know, I bring my everything to my work, this work, my SOUL work. I DESIRE to create spaces for us to deepen into our TRUTH. To stand in our POWER & create a LIFE OF PLEASURE. My work is all of me. My Tantric me, my Shamanic me. My vulnerable me. My powerful me. My human me. My multidimensional Egyptian Priestess me. I deeply desire to be ALL of me and to be loved as I am. I can only receive this if I Show up for what I Desire. 

Can you allow for the potential of what you truly DESIRE? 

Expanding your capacity to receive that which you truly long for? 

Believing in your deepest dreams and breathing them into life with your own body? 


  • A Shamanic Journey into your Heart.

  • Ultra High Vibration container, energy activations & transmissions.

  • Learn to feel, to recognise, to listen to your Desires.

  • Feel into how to express your Desire and ask for what you want. 

  • Activate and breathe into your Desires with a Breath Alchemy session. (aprox. 1 hour of 'Conscious Breathwork')

  • Space to rest into your heart longings and allow yourself to dream, to expand into the potential of your DESIRE.

The ultimate Desire is often to return Home. 


A longing for deep connection.

To merge into Wholeness.

Back to Source.

Dissolving into Self.

True Self not just self. 

To feel a rested sense of Belonging.

Can we allow ourselves

to create space for the DESIRE

of that infinite totality? 

Can we allow ourselves

to feel the potential

of our own

Divine Nature? 

Image by Susan Wilkinson


Saturday 16 July 
2 - 5pm 

The Center, Noordhoek. 

Friday 22 July 
6 - 9pm 
Samadhi House, Tamboerskloof

2 Ticket options: Because energy works this way. The more we offer up the more we can receive. 

Option 1:  R600/R660 - I Desire to live to my full potential. I am hungry for LIFE. For LOVE. For more wonder & pleasure. I am so willing to live my best life. I am willing and want to offer myself, my breath and my money to manifest more of my Heaven on Earth reality.  

Option 2: R400/R440 - I want more! am tired of being in survival mode, I am ready to thrive! deeply desire to end my pattern of needing to strive to feel worthy of life. I am willing to invest my money and my breath into creating more of what I want.