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Desire is an opening,

a spark that creates 




Do you know the DESIRES of your HEART?


The Longings of your deepest you? 


Are you willing to BREATHE them into LIFE?


Co-creating with the Cosmos.

A ceremony of magic. When we embody what it is that we Desire, there is potential to actually manifest it in this world. If we do not know, are not clear, cannot express it - it can't manifest.

If we are not energetically aligned it cannot manifest.

If our will is not activated - it won't manifest. 

This workshop is an activation and reprogramming of the field of Desire. Working on the deepest sub conscious levels & fully conscious mental levels. To shift the paradigm of Desire. Allowing for Desire. Allowing for pleasure. 


Our Desire is Sacred & Human.

Whatever they may be...a new Beloved, a new home, amazing orgasmic sex, abundance, vitality & health, to be seen, to be loved, to find peace. To merge with the infinite oneness of creation and dissolve into pure ecstatic Bliss. 

Desire is potential. And we are beings of infinite potential.

If we can allow ourselves to live it.

To breathe it.

To embody it. 


You can create a life of pleasure & ease or not. It is completely up to you.

You are the Alchemist.

Your thoughts and words weave reality. 

The power is yours if you choose it. 


  • A Shamanic Journey into your Heart.

  • Learn to feel, to recognise, to listen to your Desires.

  • Feel into how to express your Desire and ask for what you want. With clarity & confidence.Ultra High Vibration container, energy activations & transmissions.

  • Becoming an energetic match and magnet for what it is that you Desire. 

  • Activate and breathe into your Desires with a Breathwork. Harnessing Energy & vitality. 

  • Space to rest & receive. Recalibrating & allowing yourself to dream & expand into the potential of your DESIRE.

Those that work with me know, I bring my everything to my work, this work, my SOUL work. I DESIRE to create spaces for us to deepen into our TRUTH. To stand in our POWER & create a LIFE OF PLEASURE. My work is all of me. My Tantric me, my Shamanic me. My vulnerable me. My powerful me. My human me. My multidimensional Egyptian Priestess me. I deeply desire to be ALL of me and to be loved as I am. I can only receive this if I Show up for what I Desire. And so we are here. 

All of you is also, as always, welcome! 

Image by Joshua Rodriguez

Open to the Potential of your Desire 

Image by Susan Wilkinson


November - Exact date coming soon
Email me if you want to know about this workshop xxx
12 - 6pm 

2 Ticket options: Because energy works this way. The more we offer up the more we can receive. 

Option 1:  R880 - I Desire to live to my full potential. I am hungry for LIFE. For LOVE. For more wonder & pleasure. I am so willing to live my best life. I am willing and want to offer myself, my breath and my money to manifest more of my Heaven on Earth reality.  

Option 2: R660 - I want more! am tired of being in survival mode, I am ready to thrive! deeply desire to end my pattern of needing to strive to feel worthy of life. I am willing to invest my money and my breath into creating more of what I want. 


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