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Desert Dunes

The Mystic Woman

16  - 19 March 2023 


A Temple weekend Retreat of Mystical Practices that offer you connection you to your True Divine Essence. Allowing you space to explore the Sacred Embodiment of Being Alive. 


We will gather in a small group of women to dive deep into Traditional Tantric Practices and a Shamanic Journey. 

Connecting with your Divine Feminine Body, your Sacred Sexuality and your Soul Essence.


Remembering the Beauty of Being. 




To know more of yourself...

More connection, more Soul, more Wholeness. 

To be Authentic and learn to express your True self.

A safe space to feel free and allow for the unfolding of your essence. 

To connect to & embrace your Sacred Sexuality.

To feel your creative Power & Aliveness.  

To connect to your Body & Heart wisdom and release any barriers, blockages or pieces of shame.

To let go of any of the ’not good enough’ and ‘I am too much’ stories. 

To shift the inner dialogue of your mind. 

To step more into your Power.

To live a life of Pleasure & ease. 


You are someone who seeks Truth and wants to unfold the layers of to reveal more heart.

More Soul. 

More of the essential essence of who you are.


As always, I welcome ALL of YOU. 


This will be a space of freedom. 


Freedom to play. Freedom to learn, Freedom to express, Freedom to fuck up,

Freedom to be held, Freedom to share, Freedom to be silent, Freedom to connect. 

Freedom to JUST BE YOU. 

No judgements. No need to prove anything. No need to perform.  


To practice with friends and guides the Art of Being Human. 

To laugh, to learn & to support each other through the crunchy, sludgy bits.


To remember that you are not alone on this road.


A safe space to allow for ALL of your potential.

A space to remember more of your Authentic Self. 


Awakening deeper to the Mystery of YOU. 




Sima Kade in Magaliesberg is in the Cradle of Mankind. We are literally returning to the birthplace of Humanity to remember our True Divine Essence & heritage. Vibrating as Sensual Souls to radiate wonder into world. 

The venue offers beautiful views, lots of nature, natural pools & amazing starry skies. 

We will be at Sky Terrace - here is the link

3 meals will be provided daily. The food will be vegetarian, healthy & sumptuous. Melissa cooks with fresh colourful vibrant ingredients. Awakening all the good senses of the body. Please let us know of any diet requirements. 




Arrival Thursday 16 March 2023. Lunchtime.  

End Sunday 19 March after lunch. 


R 6 600 Sharing

R 8 800 Single (Max 5 places available) 

Includes everything except transport to and from the venue. Lift sharing will be offered in the group. 


Payment plans available on request. 

A 50% deposit secures your place.

This is not refundable unless the retreat is cancelled, or you are of course ill and cannot attend. 

Any & all questions welcome. 

Image by Heather Shevlin
The Sessions  



The whole weekend is a Temple, but we will have dedicated Bliss Temples filled with practices from the Tradtionial Tantric lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism & other sources. Practices focussed on the Sensual nature of our Beings, connecting to the wisdom of our bodies, the inner voice of our hearts, the whispers of our Soul. 


Temples were places to come to, to connect to the Divine. To pray to something bigger. To meet with God & the Goddess.

In the Temple Sessions on retreat, we will connect not with a Divine God /Goddess out there & separate, but The Divine that lies within you. The Divine that is you.


The Bliss Temple Sessions are spaces of deep remembrance of your Sacred Embodiment.


To allow our bodies to wake up, get our hearts alive & pumping blood. To stretch out the kinks and fill our bodies with chi/prana /energy. 


A slow, deeply restorative and balancing practice of asana yoga. It is tri-doshic balancing and wonderfully nourishing for the nervous system. Teaching us to relax whilst in action. It is through this drop from doing into being-ness, that our True Bliss Nature is revealed. It is from this place of openness that we are able to really receive & be present.




Smooth, slow sense-full movement to activate the body, preparing every cell in your body to drink in the rich prana from the Breathwork. The Conscious Breathwork practice consists of active circular breathing and breath retention. A powerful combination to nourish, revive, and reconnect.


The practice releases the natural DMT within the body offering profound release, IN-sight and states of Bliss. It can also offer you powerful release both emotional and/or physical.




On Saturday, there will be an opportunity for mini Medicinal Mushroom, Blue Lotus & Rose Ceremony. The focus is to work with Blue Lotus & Rose as these plant allies are wise teachers of the Feminine. The medicinal mushroom medicine is completely optional and feel welcome to ask me any questions about it. The intention is a small dose combined with a Sound Journey.

I have been holding Hero dose ceremonies for over 5 years, this will NOT be that, but rather a softer, more subtle journey. Working with a small dose & using the beautiful Blue Lotus from Ancient Egypt.

 A wonderful way to open our hearts and bodies. 

Please feel free to ask any and all questions.

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
What People Say about the Retreat 

"Alex created a nest of pure acceptance and love. From the moment I arrived it was like being enveloped in the purest, most comforting white light. She gave us a safe space to be our true, authentic selves. A place where all of us was welcomed, “the good, the bad and the ugly”. Spending the weekend with Alex and all the other remarkably wonderful women was the best gift I ever gave myself. I would do it all again in a heartbeat." - Bronwyn


"If you are looking for reconnection with your deep self and the universe, this is the work to do! Alex’s teachings are profound and will leave you wanting more and feeling fulfilled. Deep gratitude xxx" - Lane


"I was privileged enough to attend Alex’s Mystic Women’s Retreat recently - it was simply outstanding. 

Alex and her lovely side kick Margaux held such a safe container for us all. I felt like a Goddess and at home from the minute she opened the door for me. 

So much love, care and detail went into all aspects of the retreat. 

I left feeling empowered & enriched. 

I will without a doubt attend another and other events hosted by Alex. 



"My first mystic women retreat was magical in every way. It opened up all my senses and deepened my devotion to the eternal present moment - regardless of how it shows up. So much gratitude to all the divine feminine teachers including the medicines. I highly recommend joining the circle🌹" - Mira


“The Mystic Women Retreat was just life changing! The workshops were just on another level, the journey of self-discovery and connection to ourselves as well as to the other beautiful souls that I had the privilege of connecting with, was just so profound.

I walked away from the weekend with my heart bursting with self-love, love for others, love for the universe and I am truly grateful to Alex and her incredible team for holding a safe and loving space for us all and for making this weekend such a memorable, deeply rooted experience that will forever be imprinted in my heart and soul.” - Carla


"Alex's way of holding the space at The Mystic Woman's retreat was true to the cthonic doctrines of the sacred feminine - accessible and both deeply held in ritual and the full humanness of us all. What I appreciated so greatly is the way Alex turns up in her full incarnation to weave with us. This was not a top-down approach of patriarchal guru culture, or an attempt at transcendence, but a weaving of our full selves. Her holding was a model of our sacred embodiment in the every day, one where we can desire, can luxuriate, can open ourselves to pleasure, and access the sacred mystery of it. The time and the richness of the practices, and the sacredness with which they were held really opened me to the tangible abundance of the space, of life, my body, the location, and delicious and nourishing food. Thank you for your rich and generous weavings together."

Join us for a weekend devoted to the Ritual of Remembering

All of who you are.

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