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Intro to TANTRA Talk

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

Sex vs. Eros


We will talk about

Sacred Sexuality


Life Force Energy

Sex Drive

The Power of Sex

Sex as a Spiritual practice 

Creative Energy 

Remembrance of ourselves as Divine Beings

and of course...


'Tantra' for most people is synonymous with sex. 

Most people are scared when they see the word Tantra and yet they are secretly curious and want to know more, want to go there... into this Taboo realm. To attend events that they wouldn't tell their friends and family about. To explore. As sex is part of our lives. It is in our human nature. I mean really, we wouldn't be here without it. 

This event is about Sacred Sexuality and understanding from a Tantric perspective eros & our erotic nature as human beings. 

Working with my sexual energy saved my life. LITERALLY. I was chronically ill for 5 years.

I desire to share this wisdom and insights with you all. The power and creativity it has brought into my life and the magic and potential it affords me. 

This will be a talk with of course a Q & A. 

As Tantra is a Lineage of Sacred Embodiment - I will also offer some practices, we can do them together and then you can also take them to try at home alone or with your partner. 


At the core we are erotic beings.

Beings of Life. 

Here to be Life. 


Next Talk

17 August 

The Wild Side 


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