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The Power of our Fears 

The Fear of our Power

Image by Scott Webb


9 MAY 2023


7pm - South African Time 

90 mins


The power of our Fears 

The Fear of our Power

A talk & sharing of Tantric Shamanic practices to shift your relationship to FEAR and POWER.

Our fears have such a great Power, even a hold over us. Sometimes very conscious like a tangible fear of snakes or spiders, and sometimes under the surface, causing anxiety, overwhelm, resistance, pain, numbness. 

Fear vs. Love that is what 'they' say... at least that is what so many said to me on my path. "Choose love, move away from fear" - what a load of bullshit!  This was such bypassing and I just got sicker. My fears had power over me and I was giving them more by constantly moving away from them. When I connected to them, sat with them, worked with them. These fears gave me profound strength. A Sense of freedom and empowerment that went beyond my wildest dreams. All the energy that was trapped inside holding onto the trauma and fear was then released and I found vitality. which for someone who was chronically ill for so long this was just awesome! Finally some power.  And the irony of life set in. Now you have access to the power -. oh but wait Power is super super scary! So much responsibility, so much potential, what to do and how to weild it. And so most of us stay small - hiding our Power because it feels safer. 

so many of my clients come to me to work on this . how to trust their inner power, their intuition, their deep Desires.

In this webinar I will share tools I use and teach, plus I will guide a Shamanic Alchemy journey. 

Session is recorded. Recording will be available for 7 days. 


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