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Image by Galina N

On this auspicious day - Let's gather to rewrite the future. 

Join us for a day of talks, interviews, workshops & ceremonies

from teachers around the world. 

As we radiate the vibrations of

Power. Pleasure & Play

into our bodies, minds, hearts

& the collective field.

Learning to embody a rested state of presence.


Lion's Gate is a potent time

for choosing Soul, for shifting timelines

and dreaming into manifest the life on Earth we so deeply desire.

Last year this Summit was free of charge - this year it is donation based. All funds are donated to building a new Earth Temple in Egypt on an Island that holds the Old Gate of the Temple of Isis. 

This is a project we all dreamt into being

Desert Dunes





Power rooted in integrity, compassion & Grace.

A soft yet strong power, that understands sharing & equality.

A power that is not afraid to stand for Soul, for Love.

A power that is relentlessly committed to Spirit.

Heart Power. True Power.



Welcoming ease, flow, relaxation & trust.

Consciously curating & creating opportunities to experience how good it can be.

 Allowing yourself to the receive the wonders of Life.

Choosing to walk in Beauty.

IN-joying the abundance & the luxury of Life.





Awakening curiosity, innocence, openness & spontaneity.

Surrendering into the mystery with an open joyful heart, moving with the creative force of the universe with no end goal.

Remembering not to take ourselves or our spiritual path too seriously but remember Divine Play.

The notion that this experience is created out of Bliss, by Bliss and for Bliss.


Arriving back home to the utter wholeness of the timeless meditative heart. 

Surrendering into the quivering reverberation of Life as it is. 

'Boundlessly free like the sky, and yet intimately pervading all form, like the ocean pervades all waves—unaffected my their motions and yet inseparable from their ceaseless shapes and shiftings.'

Resting into being.


​(copy in collaboration with David Perrott)

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  • Lion's Gate is an astrological portal

  • 8th August is when is it at its peak.

  • It is when Fixed Star Sirius, Orion & Earth are aligned in the sky.

  • Sirius is our Spiritual sun and in direct alignment with the pyramids of Giza.

  • Energy is received and amplified by the pyramids in Giza, then echoes through the Temples along the Nile, rippling across the world along ancient song lines.

  • Lion's Gate considered by Ancient Egyptians as New Year &  ties to when the Nile used to flood to nourish the land and sustain life.

  • This is a potent time for Soul Embodiment.

  • DNA Light activation & restoring Divine templates within.

Image by Glen Carrie

I am honoured to be joined by artists, teachers, coaches, medicine men & woman and thought leaders.  

The exact schedule and speakers will be announced closer to the time.

One talk every hour on the hour.

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded onto a platform.

All proceeds donated to building a new Earth temple of Auset/Isis in Egypt - read more below. 

True story! we have secured land to build a sacred sanctuary & community on Ancient Temple land - a dream many of us have had in our hearts and souls - finally we have a chance to manifest it with your help of course. You are welcome to visit anytime. We plan to run the first retreats and onsite volunteer programmes from March 2025.


Per Auset Temple in Egypt

The Temple village of Auset/Isis in Aswan Egypt.

There is an island in Lake Nubia, where sacred waters feed the Blue Nile. This is where the Egyptians and Grecians chose to honor the Goddess Auset (Isis) for over a thousand years with a Temple complex on the island of Philae in 690BC. The Temple was flooded in 1970 and moved to a neighbouring island stone by stone. Between these two islands, and overlooking the perectly reconstructed Temple of Auset, is the ancient island of Beija, this is where our devotion to the Great Mother is being rebirthed.

Per Auset, or “House of Isis,” is a living temple and sanctuary nestled on the original temple island of the Great Mother, Auset (Isis). This sacred land is being transformed into a community devoted to healing, co-creation and land regeneration. Our mission is to anchor the vibration of heaven on earth, creating a space where every soul feels welcomed, nourished and aligned with their highest values.

Our Vision: A Sanctuary for the New Earth

Per Auset is envisioned as a sanctuary of devotion, transformation and community. Anchored in the teachings of the ancient mystery schools, this village serves as a model for sustainable, conscious communities worldwide. Our vision is to create a space where the sacredness of life and the mysteries of the divine are at the center, guiding us towards a new earth structure.


A Place of Healing and Community

Per Auset is dedicated to healing, land regerneration and spiritual development. It is a place without judgment or exclusion, where individuals can learn, connect with ancient mysteries and contribute to a conscious community. This is a space where artistic expression flourishes, and where everything is crafted with love and high frequency.


The Mothership of Conscious Communities

We see Per Auset as "the mothership," a beacon of light and a model for sustainable, conscious communities that will be seeded worldwide. Just as the blue lotus symbolises rebirth, Per Auset embodies the prophecy of a new civilization rooted in the consciousness of love. This village is a radical approach to what it means to be human on earth, a place that nourishes the soul and the part of us yearning to live on earth as Eden.


A Seed of the New Earth

Per Auset is a seed planted in the original home of the Great Mother. We envision this seed blooming like the lotus, spreading its wisdom and beauty to the rest of the world when the time is right. This village stands as a symbol and prophecy of the blue lotus, heralding the rebirth of a new civilization rooted in the consciousness of love and the sacredness of life.

Jasmeen Hana is the pioneer of this project, together with a team we are currently designing the proposal and business plan and seeking investors. We have already secured the land & currently renovating the first houses. Beyond exciting! 

Image by Galina N


IMG_3502 - Kaia J.jpeg


Reiki & Tantric Teacher

Self Love Ceremony

Kaia Neve is a Reiki Master, a Tantrika, a scientist, a yogi and a psychonaut hailing from Calgary.


In her Reiki and Tantra practice, she has seen clients for hundreds of one-on-one sessions and taught dozens of courses over the years.


She is passionate about the work because of the profound effect it has on clients, students and herself. For Kaia, the marriage of sexuality and spirituality has resulted in deep emotional healing, mind-blowing physical pleasure and transcendental spiritual experiences. She is delighted to share the gift of the practices with you., it's easy.

Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 13.04.52.png


Blue Lotus Medicine Woman

The Roar of Sekhmet

Jasmeen Hana is a modern day holistic medicine woman working with Life Force Energy and Personal Empowerment. 

She supports holistic seekers to transform life force “creative/sexual energy” and inner/outer relationship related issues, to return to a place of empowered authenticity, innocence, self-worth, embodiment to speaking one’s truth.


 Jasmeen teaches at the Sacred Sexual Shamanic Experience Retreat with the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and also offers her unique African Yoga & Ancient Egyptian Shamanic Journeys in Egypt, she also offers Blue Lotus Ceremony Retreats + Women’s Empowerment & Wellbeing Retreats. 


Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 7.22.02 AM - Lisa Davis.png


Medicine Woman

Dance Meditation & Shamanic Journey


Lisa Lifetrain is a Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit Coach. She holds a safe space for humans to understand and unpack who it is that they are. Through Coaching, Breath-work, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and Trauma Release.

She is an emotional and resilience expert. Helping individuals to understand their emotions. Re-program their subconscious beliefs and create a life in which they feel empowered to live their truth. 


Lisa runs retreats locally and internationally. Through ceremony and experiences she creates to help humans heal, let go and step into their authentic power. 
Her dream is to create spaces in which humans can realize their magic & magnificence.


IMG-20220425-WA0042 - Pritam Khalsa.jpg


Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Legacy Trainer

Ready for the portal energy

Kundalini Yoga is the art to feel and master. As sensate beings it does not serve to repress or ignore and neither do we want to be flooded or overwhelmed. Rather we slow down, feel and strengthen, knowing that in this realm there are infinite possibilities and all delivered by grace. Kundalini Yoga gifts the possibility to tie the earthly and subtle together for a congruent whole. Pritam Hari Kaur Khalsa studied in an ashram in the Eighties and was a major force in bringing this art to South Africa. She helped build and ran her health shop Fruits & Roots in Johannesburg and is now in an intentional community in the Cape. As a legacy lead trainer, she conducts trainings locally and overseas.

DSC_0061 - Jon Darrall-Rew.JPG


Transformational Leader

True Power

Jon Eden Khan is a transformational leader, mentor, and facilitator, living in his beloved home city of Berlin. He is the initiator of Singularity, a trans-national political party dedicated to global governance sourced in the One Life of the Earth by 2050.


He is founder of AVATARA, which is dedicated to innovating new forms of leadership, relating and economics sourced in the One Life at the heart of all creation. He mentors soul-driven leaders, from top corporate business leaders and FinTech trailblazers, to LGBT rights activists in the Middle East, to some of the most respected facilitators of transformational self-development work in the world.


sam - Samantha Claire.jpg


Medicine Woman & Trauma therapist

Awaken your Inner Truth

Samantha Claire is a mother, singer-songwriter, author, yoga teacher, life coach, ecstatic dance facilitator and shamanic practitioner.

Over the past 20 years her journey has led her to study the practices of kundalini yoga (qualified yoga teacher), movement and shamanism.


Samantha currently lives in Copenhagen where she runs retreats and does her 1:1 coaching work. Samantha is a mother to two wild and curious boys. 



IMG_4623 - Dave Gardner.jpeg


Movement & meditation teacher

Original Condition

Dave Gardner has been teaching for ten years. He has studied meditation, yoga, martial arts, movement, acrobatics and dance with some remarkable teachers across the world, and formed "Original Condition" which is a mindful and creative movement practice that helps people to get started with theirs.


He facilitates a learning environment where people can clearly see what obstacles are in their own way, and provides transformative tools in the form of meditation and movement that empower people to turn problems into solutions.




Teacher of Traditional Tantra & Erotic Mysticism 

Power of Erotic Presence

Spiritual maverick, teacher of Erotic Wisdom and an Explorer of the Tantric Realms for over 20 years. Valentina is a Dakini ~ holder of the freedom lineage from the Tantric school of Fascinating Wonderment (Vismayo) that spontaneously birth female teachers of the pathless Path.


She is madly in love with the Mystery & the traditional tantric revelations of Kashmir Shivaism. ​ She is uncensored and untamed. Her teachings are intuitive and direct. Void of linear evolution, they only require a deep desire to become truly intimate with Reality. It's the mystic path of endless Devotion to the Unknown.


Working with her will require everything of you. She teaches the Yoga of Presence, Unbounded Freedom and Mystical Union with the vast Emptiness of pure Space.


WhatsApp Image 2021-11-13 at 11.54.07 AM (1) - Mona Rabie.jpeg


New Civilization Architect

Rebirthing Co-creative Power

Mona Rabie is a peace facilitator and new civilization architect from Egypt and Canada. Mona is the founder of Together/Ma3ba3d – a movement for planetary co-creation coming out of Egypt/Africa, Mother of Civilization.


For the past 10 years, she has been working with others to develop and prototype new processes and technologies to facilitate large-scale personal and collective transformation and co-creation of breakthrough innovation and communities. She weaves together deep knowledge/expertise of social alchemy, bio-mimicry, quantum reality-creation, systems/simulation design, gamification, new currency/economy/governance design, holographic technologies, ancient wisdom, and universal spirituality for holistic design of new civilization systems.


She currently runs the ‘Together Temple’ based in Maadi, Cairo where she is hosting an emerging co-creative community, conscious events, and Together’s first quest for large-scale co-creation ‘Lotus Rising Quest’.


She his passionate about working with the blue lotus and enabling life-giving flow of the 3 ‘currents of rebirth’ as she calls them – healing the water currents, money currency, and emotional/sexual currents. She is passionate about creating holistic viral transformation that awakens the creative potential and genius in each and enables unified collective action that regenerates and re-awakens beauty, wonder, enchantment, and love to our world.


Vincent Clery Meditation Thrive - Vincent Clery.jpeg


Teacher and holistic speaker

The power of good company 

Vincent is an author, teacher and healer, who specialises in the vedic traditions of Northern India.


A father of two, he is incredibly passionate about meditation, good company and the medicinal potential of plants in helping to guide our intricate dance on this beautiful earth. ​


Vincent has been walking the path of Advaita Vedanta for twenty years and continues to deepen his apprenticeship in various ancient and shamanic practices. ​



AA41EBF1-2089-46DC-8CC9-BC1255C64CE4 - David Perrott.jpeg


Non-dual Meditation Teacher & Lover of Truth

The Eternal Dance

David is a non-dual meditation teacher and spiritual writer currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. His path has weaved through many spiritual and religious traditions, from Advaita Vedanta and Tantra to Dzogchen and Zen Buddhism. 

What is alive for David currently is a recurring five week programme called Nouma, which exposes participants to the perennial teachings at the core of all the non-dual spiritual traditions, and how these insights can be integrated into everyday life.


Azzura shoot Nov 22 _ _ unedited _ Jo Munnik -174.jpg


Sacred Embodiment Coach & Tantric Shamanic Teacher

Power. Pleasure. Play.
The new way.

Founder of the Power. Pleasure. Play Summit, Tantric Shamanic practitioner & Lover of Life.

Alexandra studied traditional yogic practices in India. She then went on to work in corporate as a strategic innovation consultant. She experienced a heavy burn out, which catalysed a chronic illness phase of severe pain, memory loss & debilitating fatigue. 

Her journey of 8 years of healing & learning has taken her through both eastern & western traditions & modalities, with special focus on Tantric & Shamanic practices. For the last 5 years she works supporting other to remember their innate Truth, step into their Power, and create a life of Pleasure.


Offering 1:1 mentorships & sessions, retreats, & workshops. 


Michelle Ryan0109_websize - Michelle Ryan.jpg


Conscious Leadership Coach

Playful Leadership 

Shell founded her business The Holistic Leaders with the purpose of supporting entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders to expand their lives and businesses in an emotionally connected, mindful and conscious way.


Working in the intersection of both wellness and business, Shell weaves her decade of London senior leadership experience with her wellness background in Transformational Coaching, yoga, mindfulness, breathwork , energy work and 8 years of intensive self-exploration and healing through many modalities.


Shell works with clients online globally whilst she herself travels the world, learning, growing, exploring, playing and expanding.


WhatsApp Image 2023-08-03 at 22.08.14.jpeg


Clinical Psychologist & Mystic at Heart

Power of Dreaming

Kat is a clinical psychologist, a PhD student, and a mystic at heart. She loves weaving her passions for creativity, movement, physiology, nutrition, gut health, psychedelics, spirituality and ecology into her holistic wellness retreats and private practice. 


Dreams have always been a significant part of her life journey, providing an endless source of inspiration and guidance.  She believes that by rekindling our power to Dream in sleeping and waking life, we can co-create collective transformation and step into a higher octave of existence.



Witch & Weaver

Health as Power

Annette is a radical women’s embodiment & empowerment guide; an entrepreneur & wisdom keeper. With her wealth of lived experience, she creates spaces for deep nourishment & liberation. Her signature methodology of the 4 Reclaimed Archetypes (The Witch, Bitch, Slut & Dyke) supports women to find freedom by transmuting their shame. She was initiated in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing and is the founder of Wild Nettle, a movement to return wild weeds to the world. Annette is also a doula and currently studying to become a professor of Modern Matriarchy. Her offerings are simple and deep, rooting you back in your body and your connection to the Earth.

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