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Image by Yusuf Sabqi

Sacred Rage

It is time to heal our relationship with this potent emotion!

It takes a lot of energy to repress the heat the fire of Anger & Rage.


Once we release & express (in a safe way),

we can tap into the dynamic, vibrant life force energy that is running underneath.



Sacred Rage is a session that offers you a journey to clear your relationship with Anger & Rage & own our boundaries. To embrace the parts of you that are hidden or hiding & to step more into Wholeness.

Our relationship with Anger is learned from family & society. It is often misunderstood, unprocessed, and unexpressed. It is normal to feel angry and to get triggered when things don't go your way. Anger shows us our boundaries and as we step into our Sovereignty, owning our needs, Desires & boundaries is essential.

Anger & Rage will always be part of the human experience. How we navigate the heat is up to us.


I offer you many tools, practices & an inward Alchemy journey; so that you can empower yourself with your own wisdom.

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What to Expect

  • Learn how to move Anger energy in a conscious safe way. For you and others.

  • Release yourself from the chains of frustration and guilt that often surrounds this emotion.

  • Learn your boundaries.

  • Empower yourself to stand in your truth.

  • Tap into your creative fire and juice for life.


This workshop is a blend of practical tools for everyday life & a Shamanic Alchemy Journey. A process of exploration & integration of these potent emotions. A Safe space to be ALL OF YOU.


This event is for anyone who is curious about the power of Anger, and also those who have come to fear the burning heat of Rage. In my experience, within the Rage lies great truth & passion.


For me this is Sacred.


I know that this work can sometimes feel scary, I was scared for YEARS! So please feel free to book a 15 min Curiosity Call or email me with any questions.


Group process for Anger is amazing, enlivening and very healing. We all have Anger & even Rage, but there is just so much shame. Hearing the stories of others can be most empowering.

More about Anger & Me

Anger is our boundaries showing themselves. It is our primal instinct telling us what we need and what matters to us, and igniting fire to take action.




What we are passionate about. It is often repressed, misunderstood and shut down. Like this it festers, causing outbursts, blame, violence, dis-ease, bitterness & resentfulness.






Years of suppression have made us totally fear chaos. 


My clients often share that they feel too scared to express their Rage as the are not sure what will happen. Will the whole world catch alight and burn down?!?.


Yes... if it is unprocessed and unspoken - Rage will start a war. But there are ways to feel it. To give it space to be understood and listened to. It has deep insight & wisdom. Trust me! And once we are friends, allies with this raw energy. Then we start to feel the real power. 


Not Power over manipulates & takes without consent, destroys without consciousness. But...




Moving this potent energy through you and into your passions. Your projects, into creation.


My own journey with Anger has been so revealing and allowed me to reclaim a huge part of my True Power & Sovereignty. I was chronically ill for 8 years. My journey with Rage & my sexuality gave me back my life force. Of course there is a longer story here, but I know that my work with Anger was a VITAL piece. And still is.

Image by Yusuf Sabqi



Saturday 2 July

12 - 4 pm

Cape Town CBD

Energy Exchange 

R1100 All inclusive. 

Only 6 places. 

(Payment plan of 2 instalments available on request. 50% upfront and 50% at the end of the month.)

Non-refundable deposit to book your place.

If event is cancelled, full refund. 48hr cancellation policy.




Private coaching session PLUS SACRED RAGE workshop.

ONLY 3 spaces available for this package.

Ideal if you feel overwhelmed by the idea of ANGER & RAGE.

Pre-Session is an online session to prepare you for the workshop. Also includes support via check in after the workshop.

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What People Say

"I am so grateful i got to do this work with you, I am feeling so much lighter! " - Malian


"I was nervous to attend this workshop as I have always tried to avoid being angry or allowing myself to go to that place, worried I would hurt those around me or that I would destroy or deconstruct all my work to keep myself together. However attending Sacred Rage with Alex was a truly transformational experience, not only was the space held for talking about anger but my fears and expressions were welcomed in a safe and healthy container. I was also offered the somatic experience of my boundaries and what no truly feels like in my system. I am very grateful for the space to process this difficult emotion and feel it allowed to me to be more authentic to my centre, my boundaries and my needs. 


Thank you Alex for this somatic release of my anger and frustration, it has allowed so much more of me to become in the world.” - Stephanie


"I had the biggest Orgasm of my Life a few days later - these energies are so connected!" - Bianca


For years I had been yearning for a space where I could express suppressed anger and deep grief, a safe space to let it out and be witnessed without judgment.

I found this in the Sacred Rage workshop. In the midst of the roaring, sobbing, and wild embodiments of rage, Alex held the space with equanimity, care and unconditional support. I felt seen. I felt safe. I actually found it such a relief to be there, and to witness such untamed honesty amongst a group of people. - Anna

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