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Image by Galina N

It is time to rewrite the story

Desert Dunes

Our story with Power is a strange one.


Our Trauma with Power keeps us feeling small & fearful. 

Our role model of Power is distorted.

Mostly we only know over power. Manipulation. Violence. 

Our experience of Power is often rooted in polarity. If one person has power, then the other doesn't. A winner vs. Loser dynamic. Opposed to what we learn with love, that love is abundant. That if you have a second child you dont love the first one less. there is just simply more love ( a story my mom once shared with me - I have a younger sister).

This retreat is a journey of understanding Power as Love. 

Most of the time POWER SCARES US

It has scarred us.

It does not feel free, kind, trustworthy. 

How do we change this?


By working within, with our own Power.

By becoming our own role models.

And then role models in our families, our communities of Gentle Power, Shared Power, True Power. 


Power that is PURE HEARTED

Image by Galina N

connecting to 

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Desert Dunes

This Pure Power Project is a passion project of mine. Birthed after spending 3 weeks in Egypt. A land of Ancient wisdom and immense Power. Forgotten power. 

We have forgotten our True Power. 

This project offers you a multitude of options connecting us back to the infinite Power that lies within.


Our Pure Hearted Power.

That doesn't seek for another to 'go down for us to rise. 

A Power that understands Love 

A Power that is undistorted.

A Power that 

Image by Galina N

"Our Deepest Fear Is Not That
We Are Inadequate.
Our Deepest Fear Is That
We Are Powerful Beyond Measure"
Marianne Williamson



Stop letting Fear f*ck with your Power

2hr Webinar 


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Stop letting Fear f*ck with your Power

2hr Webinar 


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Stop letting Fear f*ck with your Power

2hr Webinar 


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Stop letting Fear f*ck with your Power

2hr Webinar 


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Image by Glen Carrie


Origins of our Power Story 

Future writing & reprogramming

Your Story with Power - unpacking it, witnessing it, owning the Ancestral trauma and letting it go


Activating & uncovering gentle power, kind power.



Lion hearted courage

Healing the Heart

Isis ritual of forgiveness


Power and Grace

Blue Lotus & Rose Shamanic Journey with Sirian Lions.


Truth Speaking



Solar Plexus Activation

Boundaries & consent 

Sacred no 

Understanding our Anger 

Understanding Fear and how it moves in the body & mind

How to transmute fear in a healthy, vitality giving way.

Shamanic Sacred Rage Journey

The Dance of Surrender & Will Power



Sacral Power 

Pussy Power

Sex, Power, Money

Our relationship to our sexuality 

Our creativity, vitality

Relationship to money 

Connecting with Sekhmet - Lion headed Goddess from Egyp

t. Custodian of Blue Lotus and Protector of Humanity.



All the sessions will be held as Sacred. We will open Temple together at the beginning of the retreat and journey onwards. In


The Temple sessions are curated to allow your deepest unfolding. Drawing on both Tantric & Shamanic practices and wisdom teachings. In this retreat I bring my whole self and offer you the knowledge and gnosis that has been fundamental in my work with clients as well as personally. 

The sessions will be a mix or nourishing & restorative work that will repair and support your nervous system. As well as sessions that activating and energising. A Harmonious Balance of yin & Yang. A Somatic experience of Balance as we rebirth our embodiment of Power. 

Sessions can include talking & sharing, Shamanic Breathwork, movement & energy work, 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski
What People Say about the Retreat 

Alex created a nest of pure acceptance and love. From the moment I arrived it was like being enveloped in the purest, most comforting white light. She gave us a safe space to be our true, authentic selves. A place where all of us was welcomed, “the good, the bad and the ugly”. Spending the weekend with Alex and all the other remarkably wonderful women was the best gift I ever gave myself. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. - Bronwyn


If you are looking for reconnection with your deep self and the universe, this is the work to do! Alex’s teachings are profound and will leave you wanting more and feeling fulfilled. Deep gratitude xxx - Lane


I was privileged enough to attend Alex’s Mystic Women’s Retreat recently - it was simply outstanding. 

Alex and her lovely side kick Margaux held such a safe container for us all. I felt like a Goddess and at home from the minute she opened the door for me. So much love, care and detail went into all aspects of the retreat. 

I left feeling empowered, enriched and a little fatter (thanks to the scrumptious food that Sarah prepared for us).

I will without a doubt attend another and other events hosted by Alex. 



My first mystic women retreat was magical in every way. It opened up all my senses and deepened my devotion to the eternal present moment - regardless of how it shows up. So much gratitude to all the divine feminine teachers (incl. mushrooms and roses). I highly recommend joining the circle🌹 - Mira


“The Mystic Women Retreat was just life changing! From the moment we stepped through the doors of this magnificent luxury villa we were treated like goddesses and it became our sanctuary for the long weekend. Sarah who was our food alchemist spoilt us with all her home-made deliciousness of the most incredible dishes I have ever tasted. The workshops were just on another level, the journey of self-discovery and connection to ourselves as well as to the other beautiful souls that I had the privilege of connecting with, was just so profound.


I walked away from the weekend with my heart bursting with self-love, love for others, love for the universe and I am truly grateful to Alex and her incredible team (Maux and Sarah) for holding a safe and loving space for us all and for making this weekend such a memorable, deeply rooted experience that will forever be imprinted in my heart and soul.” - Carla


Alex's way of holding the space at The Mystic Woman's retreat was true to the cthonic doctrines of the sacred feminine - accessible and both deeply held in ritual and the full humanness of us all. What I appreciated so greatly is the way Alex turns up in her full incarnation to weave with us. This was not a top-down approach of patriarchal guru culture, or an attempt at transcendence, but a weaving of our full selves. It made sense that it was in a house (well, a villa) and not some far removed or stoic monestary location.


Her holding was a model of our sacred embodiment in the every day, one where we can desire, can luxuriate, can open ourselves to pleasure, and access the sacred mystery of it. The time and the richness of the practices, and the sacredness with which they were held really opened me to the tangible abundance of the space, of life, my body, the location, and delicious and nourishing food (prepared by Sarah with utmost love). Thank you Alex, thank you Margaux, thank you Sarah for your rich and generous weavings together.

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