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Ignite the power

to trust your dreams

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Blue Lotus Breath Alchemy

A ceremonial weaving of the dream awakening activation of Blue Lotus & the potent medicine of your breath.


It is natural & a pleasure to dream, to imagine, to desire more and to let our deepest heart wishes be the compass in our lives. Trusting these dreams takes courage and strength. In this journey we tap into our own pranic life force, using our breath, to ignite our inner strength. A power that is unwavering, yet knows gentle gracefullness. This is one of teachings of the Blue Lotus. To be agile & soft yet strong & committed. 


This ceremony is offering an embodied experience of this dynamic, with the intentional curation of a Shamanic Breathwork journey, gentle movement & Blue lotus oil anointing & tea ritual. 


We will start in the gentle waters, just as the Blue Lotus, connecting to the waters to feel the agility & subtleness of our being. And then we will activate the energies of fire & will, igniting your courageous Lion Heart. Inviting your own inner power to give rise to a deeper softening, and letting go into a space of trust. 

In the Ancient Egyptian myths, they share that Sekhmet, the Lion headed Force of Nature, is the custodian of the Blue Lotus. This story, which I will share in more detail at the ceremony, offered me such a deep gift of understanding how to connect to my inner tenderness & trust, to really allow my heart to dream big & bold, by knowing & resting into true power.


The teachings of the Blue Lotus offer many gifts. One of its most known is connection to the dream worlds. Accessing the subtle realms & the deeper caverns of our hearts. 

Tapping into the quantum field of infinite potential to create and imagine a new world into being.


To open our hearts & vision to conjure into reality our deepest desires.

And to use our True Power & Divine Will to make them a reality. 



16 March

2 - 6 pm


Noordhoek Centre


In my previous iteration of life (basically pre my burnout & 8 year chronic illness healing time), I felt that the only way I was ‘valuable' or worthy was being on. Fully on. I allowed little time to rest, no time for play & flow & definitely no time to dream. In fact as a child, I was often told to stop day dreaming, which bred a hyper focussed, uber performer. I became the ultimate people pleaser, deep into my masculine, and yet with a sense of lost purpose. I had been giving my power to others, and allowing no space for my own hearts wishes. I lost the trust in myself, in Life. 


As a recovering good girl, I have found deep nourishment in these teachings and practices that I share. Practices that help my body to remember how to trust & feel safe in my skin. Practices that invoke spaciousness in the heart and encourage my mind to imagine and create. Teachings that offer me a boat to traverse the currents of life with more ease.

This medicine is a balm for the Soul. 

And a gift for the nervous system.


This ceremony will support you to recalibrate, to adjust & reset. Teaching the nervous system to relax while in tension. Generally we tense more in tension, the combination of the practices helps you to learn how to consciously relax & trust.


Giving us the tools & awakening remembrance to trust the waves of life

& to keep the dream alive.


This ceremony weaves together a multitude of practices & technologies to support a deeper awakening of your tender power.


Through traditional Tantric practices of meditative movement, we empty our mind, learn to rest into the body, to open the heart, to trust the rhythm of our breath.  Learning to flow through the cyclical movements & activate an opening & slowing down of the being to be able to receive.


I am deeply connected to Egypt and through the Egyptian anointing ritual, I will share a transmission of the Blue Lotus, using all the senses to ignite a deep remembrance of this Ancient wisdom. We will use oils, tinctures, teas & a smudging ceremony.


The Shamanic Breathwork journey invites the medicine of your own Breath. Activating your own chi, energy, prana, life force, Kundalini. It also activates dream states. Through the breath technique we activate DMT, activating the imagination & allowing us to travel to the inner realms and worlds.


No experience is needed. All of you is welcome.

Additionally the Blue Lotus has many known physical benefits:

  • Relieving anxiety & depression.

  • Assisting fertility.

  • Supporting erectile dysfunction.

  • It is a known Aphrodisiac.

  • Assists in Lucid dreaming. 

  • Boosts mental clarity 

  • Relieves pain & lowers blood sugar. 

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