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A Temple weekend Retreat

Embracing our sense-full nature.

As Souls in a Human Body.

With Senses.

With Desires.

A journey of remembering the Pleasure of our Human Divinity

Image by Jocelyn Morales

Sensual Soul

19 July - 


Through Tantric Practices & Shamanic Journeys you are invited to connect to both 

the Soulful, Spiritual aspects of you and the sensual, human, alive parts of you.


Reclaiming our Wholeness as Human Beings, with hearts, passions, desires, eros, & also the crunchy bits of shame, pain & guilt. The Tantric path is non-dual. Inviting all of what we are to be present, felt, explored and yet, it all remains as simply an experience, a moment, also passing. 

This retreat is a return to our erotic innocence, a coming home to our full Soul expression. Understanding the portal of sensuality & pleasure as an invitation for more presence. 


Image by Heather Shevlin
The Sessions  



The world of Tantra is so much greater than just sexuality. Awaken to your Divine nature, your cosmic heritage through Ancient mystery teachings from the lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism. Age old practices that offer spaciousness, ease, flow & an emptying of the mind, to welcome you deeper into who you truly are. 


Your Erotic heart is where we begin, breathing and activating this life giving organ, returning to Love at the center. 



The whole weekend is a Temple, but we will have dedicated Sensual Temple Nights, where we navigate as a group through experiences to awaken deeper intimacy with ourselves, spaces to explore our sensual nature & innocent eroticism. 

Each Temple will be unique and inspire an exploration into the realm of Spirituality, Heart Connection & Sacred Sexuality. 


WHY ARE THEY CALLED TEMPLES? Temples were places to come to, to connect to the Divine. To tap into that which is bigger than the Personal self. To meet with God & the Goddess. A place for prayer, to come to with all questions big & small.

A space to learn Ancient Wisdom. A place of Safety and Sanctuary.

 In the Temples on Retreat, we will connect not with a Divine God /Goddess out there & separate, but The Divine that lies within you. The Divine that is you. Activating the wisdom of your Heart, Body & Soul. 


The Temple Sessions are spaces of deep remembrance of the Sacred Embodiment of being alive. 



Awaken each day with guided movement session, to open up your body, stretch and activate your muscles, gentle stimulate your beating heart. 




Smooth, slow sense-full movement to activate the body, preparing every cell in your body to drink in the rich prana from the Breathwork. The Conscious Breathwork practice consists of active circular breathing and breath retention. A powerful combination to nourish, revive, and reconnect.

Please feel free to ask any and all questions.

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My jounrey on the Tantric path has offered me many gifts, starting with literally saving my life after many years of chronic illness - a re-awakening of my life force energy and will to live. 

Since then, it has become my great love. A body of teachings and Ancient Wisdom that never ceases to offer me peace & gift me 'a boat to cross the oceans of life' (a passage from one of our texts.)

The remembering of our humanity, our sensuality, our rich fertile ground of desires as Sacred, Holy & a path of spiritual awakening is refreshing. Especially at this time we are hungry to reshape reality, eager to live a life of more pleasure, abundance & ease. 

These teachings offer us a guiding light in coming home to be Soulfully Embodied and be present with the magnificence of the life we create.  

Wanna chat to me?

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Are you ready to embrace your Sensual Soulful self?

Image by Tim de Groot

In order to curate an experience of richness & integrity. This retreat is by application only.

If you have any questions then please book a curiosity call with me.







Arrival Friday 

End Monday 25 September - late afternoon. (Public Holiday). 



All inclusive of accomodation 

All rooms are ensuite.

R 8 800 per person sharing.

Includes everything except transport to and from the venue. Lift sharing will be offered in the group. 


A 50% deposit secures your place. Payment plans of 2 instalments are readily available on request. 

This is non refundable unless the retreat is cancelled.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, we can also set up a curiosity call.  

Image by Jocelyn Morales

This is a Sanctuary that invites

Your Authentic self. 

No need for masks or performance. 

All of you is welcome.

This is a safe haven to connect to learn to trust the current of life running through body called eros,

Connecting to and allowing exploration of your Desires, sexual & not. A space to empty of conditioning, patterning and limits stepping into more of the True you. 

Allowing you space to explore the Sacred Embodiment of Being Alive.


  • You are searching for deeper meaning.

  • You are curious about the Tantric world and want to explore this philosophy in a safe and held retreat.

  • You are desiring more pleasure in your life, more ease, more flow. 

  • You are a Spiritual person and want to go deeper into the realms of embodiment & Tantra

  • You are tired of being so serious with your spiritual path, looking for more play & more freedom. 

  • You are wishing to reclaim the relationship with your Sacred Sexuality.

  • You are searching for a Sanctuary to explore your Desires & your eros.

  • You have low sex drive and are often tired. 

  • You are feeling too much in your mind.

  • Wanting to explore & experience the Cosmic potential of sensuality.

  • Wanting to explore conscious touch. 

  • Wanting to connect more to your heart and have more meaning & depth in sexual encounters. 


This is open to all bodies, male bodies, female bodies, non-binary & couples.

As couples - you may partner together or open up and change this along the course of the retreat. 

We will be talking about and working with OUR OWN Sexual energy & Eros life force energy. 


All levels are welcome, including beginners.

The practices will always meet you where you are.

That is the beauty of this work.

ALL of you is ALWAYS welcome. 

Retreat in collaboration with S.O.L.O. & Simona Ferrari.

Simona's passion lies in fostering authentic connections through exceptional experiences. As a creatrix , she creates beautiful & safe spaces that empower both the facilitators and participants to engage deeply in the work. With a strong focus on personal growth and unconventional approaches, Simona is dedicated to empowering others on their sacred sexuality path.
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Got questions?
Book a free curiosity call 
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