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This experience is designed

to hold you along a journey 

to remember your wholeness. 

It is a voyage to heal inner wounds,

awaken to more of your Soul

and enable you to embody

your unique essence moment to moment.

Cosmic Medicine Journey

This overnight Medicine Journey with potent plant teachers will open you up to the embrace of the Divine. Allowing you to surrender deeper to your innate wisdom and strengthening your connection to Soul. 

The medicine of Mushroom is known to show you the right path at the right time. Revealing aspects of reality and your relationship with it, that are often profound and life changing. 


Through embodiment and expression sessions this Awakening & IN-sight will be anchored, creating a lasting impact in your everyday life. 

I have been facilitating Hero Dose journeys regularly for over 4 years. Together with my wonderful support team, we create a deeply nourishing space for you to go within to find the answers that you seek. 

As a Tantric Shamanic Practitioner my ceremonies have a slightly different texture than the more traditional Shamanic lineages. I am deeply rooted in the wisdom of the Feminine non - linear way of holding space. My ceremonies are a weaving of all who are present. Each one of you also vibrating your Soul note. We work with deep reverence to the senses. Soft textures, delicious scents etc that assist you to connect to the Beauty of Being in a Human Body. 

I encourage you to use the space to really feel who you are, to connect to the deeper waters of your being. To release patterns and traumas that no longer serve you. To step into YOUR TRUE ESSENCE. To embody your Soul. 

Tantra is the practice of Wholeness, Totality. The Gnosis of experiencing oneself as Divinity incarnated into a Human Body.


ALL of you is welcome and no experience is needed. We will work together to support you in any way we can. 

Image by Suganth

Ceremony Flow 

We start with the registration form & a short individual session. This is the perfect time to feel into whether this is right for you and start to prepare. I am here to answer any & all questions and together decide if this is the right time for this work. 

Before the journey we will have a group online call. To set intentions. To connect to each other. To share the normal anxieties & even fears that often arise before doing such transformational work. I also offer embodiment tools as preparation


The Journey itself takes place over a 24 hour period. Arriving Saturday midday. The Venue is within 1 hour from CT.


Over this time, we descend slowly into the unconscious waters of our beings, to rise up again with new found insights and wonder. Through coaching tools, embodiment practices, visualisation and breathwork you will learn techniques to assist you in your everyday reality. 

The dosage used will be agreed upon individually. I also work with Blue Lotus, a medicine that is subtle and soothing. Assisting in the dream realms. 


A post integration group call (around 2 weeks later) will offer you more support as you integrate your learnings and embody more of your true essence in your life. 

I also offer a discounted rate for online sessions before and after - if you desire more support. 

My intention is that the clarity and wisdom you have access to through the Medicine Teachers can be carried into your everyday life in a sustainable way.  




Saturday 16 July midday until Sunday 17 July midday.

Venue in Noordhoek. 





Everything is included except transport. 

50% deposit to secure your booking. This is non-refundable. Of course if you are ill and cannot attend we can hold your place for another suitable moment. If the ceremony is cancelled, everything will be refunded. 

Payment plans are available. Just message me. There is always a plan to be made. 

Image by Scott Ruzzene

What People say

"My first time with such a large dose and I was a bit apprehensive. Alex holds the space beautifully from the time you say “yes” to the medicine. Yes to going on the journey of your life! Yes to connecting with mysteries of earth."


"From the first check-in call, to the intention setting and grounding meditations before the journey, she makes sure all questions and doubts are allayed so that your mind doesn’t need to come into the experience.

When I arrived on the day, I was really blown away by the care and attention given to all the little details. I felt really held and safe."



"Thank you Alex for putting together such an incredible experience with so much care, intention and love! The kind of once in a life time experience you don’t want to miss. The great part is that, it doesn’t have to be only once!"



"My Cosmic Journey was for me one of the most profound experiences of my life…the 2 parts of me joined together, laughing at and with one another…learned to love and celebrate all parts of myself."



My soul felt instantly held, safe and was allowed to breathe. This was such a dear and special journey for my souls’ evolution. I recommend this journey if it calls for you, and trust that mother lioness, Alex, will nurture a space where you authentically just “be” and can set your fears free. 💓



"Alex and her incredible team offer a space in which all of you is welcome and all of you is held, guided, loved through one of the most transformative experiences of your life - it's like getting the benefits of ten years of therapy in one sitting."

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