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Are you ready for a life of ease?


resting into

your authentic self  

inner peace

& power?

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 A safe held space of love and understanding

For you to connect to the

deeper layers of who you are.

 A space to explore the REAL you.

ALL of you.

Revealing and unravelling. 

The raw, tender, rough & tough parts of you.

The ecstatic and ecstatic to be.

The embarrassed & ashamed.

The Rageful & numb parts.  

Acknowledging all the parts that are scared. 

Scared to be really you and say what you feel,

Scared to Desire more 

of what you want & who you are. 


A space to connect to your wholeness.

To feel deep inner peace.

Stepping into your True Power with ease & flow. 

A journey of Authenticity. 

A journey of revelation. 

A journey of Sacred Embodiment. 


your Heart Wisdom. 

A chance to really drop into the support as you explore & expand. 

Into your True potential. 

Creating a life of ease & flow.

A Life you Desire. A Life of Pleasure. 

Learning to live life from a place of wholeness and inner peace. 

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This Mentorship programme is 100% tailored to you with live 1:1 sessions & recorded practices


You are sick & tired of walking around in circles, looping patterns and programmes that are not serving you. 

You are in dis-ease. 

You are craving more ease & more flow. 

You feel on the precipice of something, desiring support as you navigate this new you. 

You want to put an end to the 'Mr Nice Guy' & 'Miss Perfect' narrative that keeps you feeling small. 

You want to stop abandoning yourself and want to really create the life you Desire. 

Want to shed the shit that no longer serves you - once and for all.

Want to know who you really are, want to feel the freedom of never having to apologise fro being you. 

If you want to step into your Authentic Self & Power.

If you want confidence to be True to your Heart, your Soul, your Body. 

If you are tired of being in the mind, trapped in the mental realms and struggling to manifest your Ultimate Pleasure in this life.   


90 min 

Intuitive programme designed to your needs and flow

How it works:

8 sessions within 3 month period.

The rhythm of the sessions will be determined individually with you.

Intro call (90 min)

Background & History

Identifying core themes

Intention Setting

6 sessions (60 - 90mins)

Individually designed to suit your needs.

Includes recorded practices for in between session time. 

Can include homework if this is supportive for you. 

Wrap up session (45 mins)

I only take limited amount of clients at a time to ensure I can devote myself to you.

Energy Exchange


R12 000

Payment plan of 3 instalments is available on request. 

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How much do you

dare to desire

in this life?