Blue lotus temple_edited.jpg
Image by Zoltan Tasi

Allow yourself to dream. 

Image by Joel Naren

Blue Lotus Temple

The Temple is devoted to the Ancient Egyptian Art of journeying with this subtle Teacher plant. 

In this Tantric Shamanic Temple. 

We will use slow movement and meditation to open ourselves up

to the wisdom of this exotic plant.

There is also the invitation to drink some Blue Lotus tea & be anointed with the oil.

The Blue Lotus is a plant used in ancient Egypt to connect to The Divine. Priests and Priestesses used it in ceremony, to vision, to enter into Dreamscapes, gather insights and connect deeper to their own wisdom.


It is subtle, soft and holds a very high frequency & link to the Divine Feminine. 


There are many Myths around the Blue Lotus, and of course many health benefits one of which it is excellent for anxiety & depression. 

A journey into our own watery depths

to nurture and nourish.

Allowing you to rise up and burst forth

like The Lotus in the sunlight.


I dare not say more, for after a year of working with this medicine I have learnt to rest into the subtle stillness and allow the experience of Life to reveal itself. 


This is an unfolding of subtleness and sense-fullness. 

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