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A Weekend Ceremony of

Embracing our sense-full nature.

As Souls in a Human Body.

With Senses.

With Desires.

A Journey of remembering our Human Divinity

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Sensual Soul

15 - 19 September 


A Temple weekend Retreat of Traditional Tantric Practices & Shamanic Journeys that offer you connection to your True Divine Essence.


Allowing you space to explore the Sacred Embodiment of Being Alive. 


           Calling all the pieces of our SOUL into the HOME of our bodies. 


               The time of separation between spirituality & our sensual nature has long ended. 



Our BODIES HOLD ALL THE WISDOM that we seek outside. 

It is safe to go within. To uncover the mysteries of our Sensuality. 



To FOLLOW the wisdom of our PLEASURE. 


A weekend Devoted to the Body as a Temple. 

How much can you allow yourself to receive the pleasures of Life? 


The taste of sumptuous food.

The scent of a rose.

The sunlight on your skin.


How much can you come alive in yourself, to meet with reality and experience it fully? 


Awakening to more of our Soul Purpose, our Soul Desire

 Giving space for the Soul to fully



  • You are searching for deeper meaning. 

  • Are looking to reconnect with your TRUE NATURE.

  • Are desiring more pleasure in your life.

  • You are tired of serious spirituality and are sure there is more to Spirit that sitting cross legged and being silent. 

  • Are ready to open up to your Divinity as a Human Being, ready to experience Life and create your Heaven on Earth reality. 

  • Curious about the Tantric world and want to explore this philosophy in a safe and held retreat.

  • You are wishing to reclaim the relationship with Sensuality.

  • You are feeling too much in your mind. 

  • Have low sex drive and are often tired. 

  • You are wishing to work more with SACRED SEXUALITY.

We will be talking about and working with OUR OWN Sexual energy & Eros life force energy. 

There will be partner exercises but all levels are welcome. From First time beginners to advanced.

The practices will always meet you where you are. That is the beauty of this work. ALL of you is ALWAYS welcome. 

You can ask anyone that has been in my space, I hold a safe fully authentic space. This is a space of exploration and curiosity, everything is an invitation. No is always an answer most welcome in my spaces. 

I don't mess around with the work I do. After spending 8 years chronically ill, I show up everyday fully. What this means for you is that this retreat will 100 percent shift & awaken you. I am an Alchemist. 


I can promise that after the last retreat I have had clients share that their life completely transformed. A profound connection to Self and allowing themselves to be who they are and stop hiding in the shadows. Resulting in an unraveling of their potential for pleasure. 

Image by Julissa Santana

Are you ready to reclaim your Sensuality?

Image by Dainis Graveris



This retreat will be within 2 hours from Cape Town CBD. In a private house. The address will be given upon booking. 

We will be surrounded by beauty and wonder. Lovely nature and fresh water to swim in. 

All rooms are shared, single rooms are limited but available on request.


We will have our own fantastic chef. She is an Alchemist in her own right and creates 'sensual food altars'. 

3 meals will be provided daily. The food will be vegetarian, healthy & sumptuous. Awakening all the good senses of the body. Please let us know of any diet requirements upon booking.





Arrival Thursday 15 September 2022. Lunchtime.

Formally end Sunday 18 September. But you are invited to sleep over Sunday night. Allowing your body to rest. You can leave early Monday morning if you need to head to work. If not enjoy a slow morning at the venue.




Group is limited to 12 people. 


Late launch offer :R6600 - payable before 10 August. 


Normal price: R7700

Includes everything except transport to and from the venue. Lift sharing will be offered in the group. 


A 50% deposit secures your place. Payment plans of 2 instalments are readily available on request. 

This is non refundable unless the retreat is cancelled.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me, we can also set up a curiosity call.  

Image by Heather Shevlin
The Sessions  



The whole weekend is a Temple, but we will have dedicated Bliss Temples filled with practices from the Tradtionial Tantric lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism & other sources.


Temples were places to come to, to connect to the Divine. To tap into that which is bigger than the Personal self. To meet with God & the Goddess. In these Temples we will connect not with a Divine God /Goddess out there & separate, but The Divine that lies within you. The Divine that is you.


The Bliss Temple Sessions are spaces of deep remembrance of your Sacred Embodiment.




Smooth, slow sense-full movement to activate the body, preparing every cell in your body to drink in the rich prana from the Breathwork. The Conscious Breathwork practice consists of active circular breathing and breath retention. A powerful combination to nourish, revive, and reconnect.




On Saturday, there will be an opportunity for mini Medicinal Mushroom, Blue Lotus & Rose Ceremony. The medicine is completely optional and feel welcome to ask me any questions about it. The intention is a small dose combined with a Tantric Shamanic Journey.

I have been holding Hero dose ceremonies for over 5 years, this will not be that but rather a softer, more subtle journey. A beautiful way to open our hearts and bodies. 

Please feel free to ask any and all questions.

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Feel free to book a curiosity call with me to ask questions