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Blue Lotus Medicine Retreat

1 - 3 September

Sime Kade, Johannesburg


The Blue Lotus is a Plant Medicine used iAncient Egypt in ceremonies & rituals.

Her wisdom supports the arising of the qualities of the Divine Feminine.

From her rich, dark, wild roots in the mud, 

to her blossoming Beauty & radiance in the sunshine


In this Temple Weekend,

we will be connecting to our pure Hearts &

the innocence and sweetness of our sensual nature.

Tapping into & trusting our deep inner wisdom

to go forth and shine into the world.   

This Retreat is designed to be a rebirth. The Egyptian myths say that when the Blue Lotus returns to the Nile, we birth a new humanity rooted in the Pure of Heart. A culture and society rested in the wisdom of the Divine Feminine & Masculine. 

This retreat is about allowing inner Harmony to be felt, received and celebrated. 

A rebirth of your True Essence. 


We are Divine Beings, born as perfection. 

On the quest of spirituality there is much seeking & healing. As we embrace more of our sensual natures, by removing the layers of armour, protection & conditioning. 

My Desire is that we start letting go of the constant search & need to heal, but rather remember our True Divinity just as we are. 


This work is about learning to rest into this now moment. 

Sensing, feeling and receiving the subtle Beauty available. 

Opening up to the Beauty of Life. 

The soft sweetness of each moment. 

The tender tears, the expansive excitement.  

The joy of seeing a wonder-full sunset or birds soaring & gliding in the sky.

The ecstasy & power of feeling alive in our bodies. 

The sheer wonder & magnificence of nature.

We will weave together as a small group through traditional Tantric & Shamanic practices. 

Using Breath, Movement, Nature, Sound & sharing to open ourselves. 

To learn how to rest more into deep inner trust. Sensing the subtle energies at play continuously, Manifesting Life's magic with each breath, word & thought.

To support ourselves in a deeper unfolding of our Truth. 

Image by Jeremy Thomas

We will weave together as a small group.

Resourcing with Traditional Tantric & Shamanic practices. 

Using Breath, Movement, Nature, Sound & sharing to open ourselves. 

To learn how to rest more into deep inner trust.

Sensing the subtle energies at play continuously,

To support ourselves in a deeper Blossoming of our Truth. 

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The whole weekend will be a feast for the senses. An opportunity to tune in to the present. Anchoring in the wonderment available in each moment. The Garden at Temenos is a trove of wonders, full of fountains, gorgeous luscious plants & flowers, and scattered with little temples. We will take time in silence to listen, to see, to smell, to feel, to allow. 

A birthing of slowness, embodying the opening. 



We will be working with the plant itself throughout the weekend.

On Saturday there will be a longer Medicine ceremony. An invitation to journey deeply with the Blue Lotus. In a dream like state, to hear the whispers of your heart. There is also the opportunity & option for a small dose of medicinal mushrooms. These medicines work in deep Harmony together. 

I have been holding Hero dose ceremonies for over 5 years, this will not be that but rather a softer, more subtle journey. A beautiful way to open our hearts and bodies. 

Please feel free to ask any and all questions.

If you are on any medication please share this upfront. The mushrooms are absolutely optional. The Blue Lotus on her own is entirely magical. 

Blue Lotus Benefits: Emotional balance & harmony, Anti-anxiety, anti-depression, Lucid dreaming & sleeping aid, aphrodisiac, Pain relief & mental clarity, social connection & inner harmony. 



The whole weekend is a Temple, but we will have dedicated Bliss Temple Sessions filled with delicious practices. Drawn on the teachings of Tantra from Kashmiri Shaivism, but including other practices I have developed over the years. 


Temples were places to come to, to connect to the Divine. To tap into that which is bigger than the Personal self. To meet with God & the Goddess. In these Temples we will connect not with a Divine God /Goddess out there & separate, but The Divine that lies within you. The Divine that is you.


The Bliss Temple Sessions are spaces of deep remembrance of your Sacred Embodiment, your innocent Sensual nature, your Divine eros.




For this Easter retreat we will be at Temenos in McGregor. A luscious Sanctuary, with gorgeous gardens filled with treasures for the Soul. It is 2,5hrs from Cape Town (Lift sharing will be organised in the group.) 

Here is the link to read more:

We will be working with the Sacred Waters. Temenos has a indoor well, or uprising of waters from deep in the earth. It is here that we will journey with the Blue Lotus. 


All meals and drinks will be provided by the talented Christiaan and his team resident chefs at Temenos. The food will be vegetarian. Please let us know of any diet requirements. 



Arrival Thursday 6 April 2023 Lunchtime.  

Retreat ends formally Monday 10 April 2023, 1pm.  

If you need to return for work we understand but you are most welcome to take a slow afternoon resting and integrating at the venue. 

You are also invited for an additional night if you desire at your own cost.




My intention is for all of us to have space for our own Hearts this weekend. There will be many group sessions and processes, but to welcome inner stillness & gentle calm you will all be placed in a single room. 

Single room : R 11 000. 

Includes 4 nights accommodation, all meals & drinks, all plant medicines.

If you are coming as a couple or with a friend, I still invite you to stay alone, however if you would prefer to share the sharing rate is R9 900.

Includes absolutely everything except transport to and from the venue. Lift sharing in the group will be supported. 

Payment plans of 3 instalments are available. Fully payable before arriving on retreat, so contact me now if this is the support you need. 


A 50% deposit secures your place.

Deposit is not refundable unless the retreat is cancelled, it is transferable.

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I look forward to journeying together. 

After more than a year of working closely with this medicine, I am deeply honoured to share it with you. 

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