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Egyptian Tantra Retreat on the Enchanting Island of Samothraki, Greece


Welcome to a transformative journey that merges the timeless wisdom of ancient Egyptian Tantra with the profound teachings of the Kemetic/Egyptian Mystery School.


UNION marks a unique moment, heralding a new era in Egyptian Tantra retreats. This exceptional fusion invites you to embark on a journey that delves deep into the mysteries of Auset and Ausar (Isis and Osiris) and other NTRU (deities), offering a transformative experience of merging body, mind, and soul in an intimate way.



Samothraki, renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty, also cradles the ancient pre-Hellenistic Sanctuary of the Great Gods. This sacred site is a tapestry woven with history and mysticism, a perfect backdrop for our spiritual exploration. Surrounded by the lush, untamed beauty of nature, Samothraki invites us to connect with its ancient spiritual heritage.


As we embark on this transformative journey, we will forge a deep connection with Samothraki's elements—water, earth, air, and fire. Water, found in streams, springs, and hot springs, becomes our purifying and opening force, cleansing our channels of receptivity and pleasure. Ancient trees, guardians of wisdom for millennia, ground us in the timeless embrace of the earth. The fresh island air breathes new life into our spirits, while fire ignites our sacred rituals, echoing the passionate essence of Egyptian Tantra.

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Temple Nights with Blue Lotus

Experience sacred evenings dedicated to inner exploration, each enhanced by the mystical ambiance of the Blue Lotus. These nights create a sanctuary for profound, spiritually embodied journeys.


Kemetic Yoga

Align your body, mind, and spirit with the ancient wisdom of Egypt through Kemetic Yoga. These sessions, held on select mornings, serve as a powerful practice to harmonize your being.


Embodiment Practices

Engage in practices that reconnect you with your physical form and sensory experiences. These sessions delve into the depths of your body, fostering a deeper connection with your inner self.


Somatic Dearmouring

Explore the profound practice of somatic de-armouring. This practice allows you to release stored tensions and open up to a more authentic, free-flowing energy.


Tantric Rituals

Participate in rituals inspired by the ancient traditions of Tantra, designed to enhance your connection with yourself and others. These rituals serve as potent gateways to deeper intimacy and self-discovery.


Guided Shamanic Journeys

Journey inwards into the soul's landscape supported by the guidance of Jasmeen. Bridging subtle movements and sounds with continuous breathing, these journeys are a daily core of the program.


Each of these daily offerings is crafted to provide a unique and transformative experience, allowing you to delve deeper into your inner nature and the wisdom of Egyptian Tantra.



Prepare to embark on a journey of profound inner exploration and self-discovery. Mornings greet you with optional practices, including Kemetic yoga, designed to attune you for the day ahead. The day unfolds with dance, sharing circles, and daily themes, each centered around NTRU, guiding your experience. Rituals in nature, whether beneath the open sky or within the embrace of a sacred space, enliven your life force and deepen your connection to self and others. You will work with ancient Egyptian symbols and the primal forces of nature, all framed by the sacred traditions of the Egyptian temple arts.


Evenings beckon with temple rituals, creating spaces for prayer, devotion, and creativity. Each evening holds a unique theme, from oracle to nourishment, from the captivating Blue Lotus ceremonies to dreams and inspiration. Eros is welcomed, but it is essential to remember that this is not a place for casual encounters—it is a sacred temple where silence, music, and prayer resonate at the heart.


Your journey is guided by JASMEEN HANA, a seasoned practitioner with over 15 years of devoted exploration on the shamanic tantric path. She also brings more than seven years of experience as a dedicated facilitator in the sacred teachings of ISTA. She has been offering journeys to Egypt for a decade, organizing the first Kemetic yoga teacher training in Luxor, and has been bringing Blue Lotus ceremonies to the world for the last 10 years.

By her side assisting is NADIA HAYATT , her blood sister, who brings somatic de-armouring practices as well as tantric bodywork.



Organising & Assisting is Alexandra Diepering - Alchemist & Sacred Embodiment Coach. Alexandra has been walking the path of Egyptian Mysteries & Traditional Tantric teachings from the Kashmiri Shaivism lineage. She hosts her own retreats, workshops & works 1.1 with clients for the last 6 years. Website:

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Forest Lake

UNION is more than just a retreat; it is a transformative odyssey that invites you to explore the depths of your inner and outer nature. This remarkable fusion of Egyptian Tantra, the Kemetic/Egyptian Mystery School, and the ancient mystique of Samothraki promises an unforgettable journey. Whether you seek profound intimacy, a path to deep transformation, or a connection with a beloved partner, UNION serves as a gateway to enlightenment. Embrace the soothing embrace of your inner waters, allowing them to nourish and revitalize every aspect of your being. Welcome to a new dawn in Egyptian Tantra retreats, where ancient wisdom meets the enchantment of Samothraki's sacred sanctuary

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Set in the rich landscape of the Cradle of Humankind in the Magaliesberg, Sime Kade is a unique venue. Surrounded by nature. With a natural spring water pool and abundant starry skies. 


The accommodation is 2 guests sharing per cabin. All ceremonies and sessions will be in a beautiful wooden floored hall. 

Delicious meals will be prepared by Melissa. The food is vegetarian, colourful, flavourful and an absolute delight for the senses. Please let me know of any dietary requirements. Please 



Arrival Friday 23 May 2024 from 2pm. Start at 6pm. 

Retreat ends Friday 30 May. 



Super Early Bird


Couples or friends : € 3100

Available until December 14th 2023

Early Bird


Available until February 14th 2024

Normal Price 

€ 1800

Couples or friends : €3300

Non-refundable deposit of €450 secures your place. Deposit is transferable to another event by Jasmeen Hana until 30 days before the retreat begins. 

All offers are per person sharing, single rooms are available at an additional charge of €300.

It is our intention to make this accessible &deeply rooted on the land and for the people.

For those in third world countries, we offer a limited number of partial sponsorships, so please contact us.

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"Beloved Alex,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude again for creating such an amazing and nurturing space during the Blue Lotus retreat. Your energy and guidance throughout the weekend were truly remarkable, and the experience will stay with me forever. Your non-judgmental and ego-free approach as a teacher allowed me to connect the puzzle pieces within myself, something I had been struggling with for the longest time. I am eternally grateful for the transformation you facilitated. I feel like I've shed  a 1000 years worth of burdens and my mind feels the clearest it's ever felt - the pressure in my brow is gone. It's the most liberating feeling. I went for a run this morning and the world felt different - the fucks I used to give are no more. I sang out loud to my playlist and didn't care what it looked like to the outside world because this is me. All of me. 

I look forward to participating in more of your beautiful teachings and journeys in the future. 

Thank you for having all of me. 

Much, much love and appreciation." - Clara


"I recently attended this Blue Lotus retreat in Cape Town, and thought you might be interested in the one in JHB. The focus is on the gentle plant medicine that is the Blue Lotus, woven throughout the weekend, but including a mushroom journey on the Saturday evening.


A weekend of deep relaxation and stepping away from the demands of routine, enhanced by the plant medicine.


Alex is an amazing space holder, and her teachings and presence are a medicine in and of themselves. I have worked with her as a life coach from early last year to early this year, yet this was the first time I did a mushroom journey with her, as she had taken a break from hosting them for some time. It was my third time with the Biue Lotus, but this was different, as instead of making it a one-off afternoon event, it was worked into the flow of the whole weekend, making for a slow, introspective time." - Wynand


I look forward to journeying together. 

After years of working closely with this medicine, & finally initiating with her in Egypt last year, I am deeply honoured to share it with you. 

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